EnviroSmart™ Technology

Our proprietary and patented EnviroSmart technology enables AeraMax Pro commercial-grade air purifiers to continuously monitor your environment and automatically adjust to clean the air, conserve energy and reduce operating costs.

Smart Sensor Technology

Many air purifiers require the user to know their air quality and make manual adjustments to the system. This normally results in other commercial air purifiers running at their lowest fan speed and not truly boosting the air quality.

AeraMax Pro is the only air purifier that responds directly to detected occupancy in your space and air conditions – being truly proactive.

EnviroSmart technology works by utilizing an array of self-regulating sensors to continuously monitor contaminants, room occupancy and noise levels. These sensors allow AeraMax Pro air purifiers to work proactively, continuously monitoring the space as people move throughout.

Our patented and proprietary technology does this by continuously scanning the room. As people enter the space, AeraMax Pro immediately works to increase the airflow rate to quickly purify the air. As people leave, it shifts to standby mode, conserving energy and extending filter life. Comparatively, other commercial-grade air purifiers that include sensors only respond to things like odor and particles in the air.

AeraMax Pro sensors continuously monitor the air, ensuring peace of mind that it’s cleaning as hard as you need it – when you need it.

EnviroSmart Sensing Modes

EnviroSmart offers different modes for different needs, allowing you to customize the frequency of air changes depending on your environment.

Normal and Quiet Mode

EnviroSmart works between two auto smart sensing modes: normal and quiet.

Normal Mode

The normal, high-performance mode proactively uses all fan speeds for maximum air purification: It operates in an increased airflow rate and shifts to standby based on sound, movement, odors, or other contaminants detected in the space.

Quiet Mode

Perfect for areas that require less disruption, the quiet mode is designed to use lower fan speeds when the space is occupied. When the unit senses the room is unoccupied, it switches to normal, high-performance mode to increase the air exchange throughout the room.